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Psychoeducation Program

     TDS attempts to manage behavior and facilitate behavioral changes through a process of social reinforcement, including rewards, positive recognition and goal setting. All students are assigned to a team of up to nine students that is co-lead by a teacher and a social worker. In each morning team homeroom, daily point sheets are filled in with two individual IEP goals in addition to the Six Character Cornerstones. Students carry their point sheet and are evaluated in each of their six class periods. At the end of the week the point sheets are tallied and are used in a team Levels meeting to decide which level and corresponding privileges a student is eligible. 

     Students are able to earn credits toward a standard high school diploma or work toward an IEP diploma. Course credit is awarded based on 140 clock hours of instruction. Opportunities to mainstream are available once a student has demonstrated consistency in academic investment and behavior. Initially, a student mainstreams to public school on a part day basis. During the course of the quarter consistent contact is maintained to evaluate the student's adjustment and progress. This information is then used to plan the student's full return to public school. 

     Academic instruction and specialized activities for students in grades 7 -12 include:
bullet Science
bullet English
bullet Mathematics
bullet Social Studies
bullet Physical Education
bullet Lab report writing services 
bullet Drivers Education
bullet Individual Counseling
bullet Educational Testing
bullet Prevocational Guidance
bullet Health and Drug Education
bullet Speech/Language Screening and/or Therapy
bullet Social Learning Development Groups
bullet Personal Growth activities: Art, Music, Cooking, Team Sports, Crafts, School Paper, etc.

     Classes are structured to help students develop the skills they need to succeed in a less restrictive environment, such as:

bullet Setting academic and behavioral goals for themselves
bullet Developing organizational skills and effective work habits
bullet Expressing their feelings, needs and wants in a direct and appropriate way
bullet Staying task focused without teacher intervention
bullet Using the teacher as a resource for their learning
bullet Initiating conversations with staff and peers

     Counseling is a primary and integral part of the school day. The Social Workers conduct individual counseling sessions and social learning development classes. The individual sessions are intended to explore the needs unique to each student. Whereas group  counseling provides the opportunity to share concerns with peers and to understand and cope with various social and emotional situations, particularly as they occur in the classroom. Students are assisted in identifying specific problems and appropriate alternatives for solving  these problems to assist the student in becoming more available for learning. 

     Crisis intervention counseling is also available as needed.


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